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The Coronavirus pandemic is having a severe effect on the lives of everyone and we hope that you are keeping safe and well.

The lockdown is having adverse financial repercussions for transport museums and events which are losing the income which keeps them going. The suggestion that if we intended to visit we should send a donation instead is to be applauded. Many now have emergency funds on their website or social media. Of course, this is not addressed to anyone suffering loss of income, but with no spending on social or leisure activities many of us are financially no worse off, or may even be better off.

The FTT also will suffer loss of income, including donation buckets on heritage bus services at Kirkby Stephen, Tram Sunday, and other running days; planned tram tours using Standard 143, Balloon 715 and Brush Car 621; occasional use of a Trust bus on a wedding; and open days being considered at Brinwell Road depot. Closure of Sightseeing Manchester’s open top tours and cancelled Wedding Buses hires mean that benefactor and trustee, Philip Higgs, is less able to subsidise the rent on the FTT’s part of the shared depot at Brinwell Road.

So at a time of reduced income the Trust is having increased costs. Temporarily, reserves should cover this, but given the long time the coronavirus pandemic is likely to last, there is an urgent need to raise more revenue. Please will you help?

The best way to boost the Trust’s on-going resources is to donate a monthly standing order. Even a small amount makes a big difference if enough of us do it. What can you afford? £6 per month is only 20p a day, £10 per month is less than 35p a day, whilst 50p a day equates to £15 per month. We are extremely grateful to the 31 donors who already support the Trust’s in this way. Please will you join them?

To set up a standing order is easy. With internet banking you can do it yourself of course or you can find a form on our Supporting the FTT page

If you don’t have a printer please email for a paper copy to . Or write to your bank yourself including all the relevant details.

Whichever way you chose, please, please do it! ….. Then at the end of the coronavirus crisis the FTT will still be fighting fit and raring to go again.

Thank you.

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Our new website

As you have discovered simply by being here, we have relaunched our web site!

There were a number of reasons for this but the main one is to make it easier to keep in touch with you and show you the things we are doing and the progress we are making within the FTT.

Over the coming weeks we will be adding more and more content so please pop back to have a look.

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